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Bearings for Stunt Scooters

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Stunt scooter bearings play a very important role. It is difficult to overestimate their importance. They are in the wheels, steering column. And it is on their quality, durability and reliability that the smoothness of almost all parts of the scooter, as well as its speed indicators, depend. For stunt transport, ABEC class 5 - 9 bearings are used. The numbers in the code indicate the level of accuracy in the manufacture of balls inside the part. It is believed that first-class products have the highest coefficient of friction resistance and the smallest power reserve, and models with the number 9 have the best properties. But regardless of this, it is the bearing that is the most frequently replaced part, because during tricks it is subjected to heavy loads. This leads to its deformation, rash of balls and other breakdowns. Also, its condition is greatly affected by the presence of dust, sand or moisture on the track. If they get into the internal parts, they interfere with the normal movement of the balls, slow down their progress, etc. p.

Buy bearings for stunt scooters

Sooner or later, all riders face the situation when after a series of tricks it is necessary to buy bearings for stunt scooters. Experienced athletes recommend purchasing products with the ABEC 9 mark, which contribute to an easier set of speeds, have the highest level of quality and reliability. One disadvantage of such models can be considered their high cost. More budgetary are ABEC 5 and ABEC 7, which also provide good ride. For those who take their first steps in this sport, they are ideal.

Bearings for stunt scooters price

Given the important role played by bearings for stunt scooters, the price of these products fades into the background. The main criterion for selection should be their quality. It is best to purchase certified products that meet established standards. It is easiest to find these on the pages of the Scooter Shop website. And in case of any doubts, each client can order a call back or send us a message. This will provide an opportunity to get competent advice from an experienced specialist and make a good choice.