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Brakes for Stunt Scooters

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It is often said that only cowards need brakes on stunt scooters. But only a beginner in this sport can think so. But an experienced rider knows that the brake is not only a way to slow down or stop. It is also a great tool that allows you to perform complex tricks and curly elements. The safety of the athlete also depends on the quality of this part. A fault detected in time helps to avoid dangerous collisions, falls and, accordingly, injuries. On stunt scooters, brakes such as Flex Brake or Spring Brake are most often installed. The first are activated by pressing the plate with the foot, which returns to the starting position due to the elasticity of the material. They have a simple design and do not require special care. The second type is based on the principle of compression and expansion of the spring. They can be found on more budget scooters. There are also models of scooters where double brakes are used (on the front and rear wheels). Each rider decides for himself which type of this system to prefer.

Is it difficult to choose and buy brakes for stunt scooters?

Training intensively, many riders don't have the time to buy brakes for stunt scooters. And this part often fails, as it is subjected to heavy loads during friction against the wheel, and can be mechanically damaged when performing various maneuvers. Also, with the help of this detail, you can transform your scooter, give it more individuality and style. To speed up and simplify the task of purchasing spare parts, you can use the services of the ScooterShop online store.

Brakes for stunt scooters price

Today, brakes for stunt scooters are available to the consumer, the price, design and manufacturing method of which are selected purely individually. You can find a large catalog of these products on the pages of the Scooter Shop website. In case of any doubts or the need to clarify information, the service “Order a callback” or ask a question in the online chat. A convenient search engine and a simple website service will allow even beginners to quickly get acquainted with the assortment of the online store, as well as make a successful and profitable choice.