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Grips for Stunt Scooters

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The main function of grips for stunt scooters is to provide a comfortable grip on the steering wheel and a stable position of the hands when performing tricks, regardless of the weather and physiological characteristics of the athlete. Grips should be tightly put on the ends of the handlebar carrier tube and not allow chaotic slipping or scrolling. They allow you to reduce vibration during the operation of the scooter and are a bright decorative element. Each rider selects these details purely individually, based on their color preferences, tactile sensations, hand size, etc. Manufacturers produce a huge variety of varieties of these parts:

  1. According to the material of manufacture: foam rubber, silicone, rubber, leather;
  2. By hardness: hard, medium and soft;
  3. By texture and length.

You can also find ergonomic grips that have special recesses and fit comfortably in the hand, or with special fixing rings. Do not forget about the aesthetic appearance of your transport. With the help of these parts, you can add new notes to the overall composition, give the scoot more expressiveness and individuality.

Buy grips for stunt scooters quickly and profitably

Every rider, regardless of his level of professionalism, wants to buy grips for stunt scooters without additional hassle and loss of time. In addition, they must be of high quality, comfortable and durable. After all, it is on this that the success of performing various figures, as well as the safety of the athlete, largely depends. To have a large selection at any convenient time, go to the Scooter Shop website. We offer our customers only certified spare parts from foreign and domestic brands.

Grips for stunt scooters price

On the pages of the ScooterShop online store, you can find grips for stunt scooters, the price of which is fully consistent with their performance properties. We follow the world of sports fashion and all its novelties, we quickly respond to changing customer requirements. This makes it possible to replenish our collection of products with the latest and trendiest products. We also have a number of promotional products that will make your purchase even more profitable. If necessary, our managers will provide you with the necessary information about the product and help you decide.