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SCS for Stunt Scooters

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The SCS for stunt scooters is of great importance not only for the correct operation of the vehicle, but also for the safety of the athlete. She is responsible for the quality of the fastening of the fork, steering wheel and the position of the steering column. Standard Compression System is considered the most reliable and heavy compression system. It requires a steering wheel without a cut. Includes:

  1. A fork with a threaded connection or a chamomile anchor driven into it inside;
  2. SCS clamp, which can be of several sizes. Conventional clips of this type can be used on both standard (using a special spacer) and oversized handlebars. Lightweight and reduced versions of it are only suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 31.8 mm;
  3. Special bolt with washer.

It is this compression system, although it is considered the heaviest, that provides reliable fastening of the scooter controls. This reduces the possibility of injury several times.

Buy SCS for stunt scooters

Many riders prefer to buy SCS for stunt scooters, as such a connection has a long service life and can withstand heavy loads when practicing stunt elements. It is easiest to purchase these spare parts in the Scooter Shop online store, as here:

  • large assortment;
  • democratic pricing policy;
  • Promotions, sales and discounts are often held.

To make a purchase, you do not have to set aside time to go to the store, you can place an order in a couple of minutes, being in the office, at an educational institution during a break or sitting at home.

SCS for stunt scooters price

Depending on the quality and the company that produces SCS for stunt scooters, the price can fluctuate in a fairly wide range. But in any case, such an acquisition will help you improve your scooter, repair its damaged part and continue doing what you love. The ScooterShop website has made sure that even beginners can quickly and successfully select the required product for themselves. To do this, there is the possibility of obtaining an online consultation, ordering a callback and, a search engine. Our managers will prompt, explain and advise the best options, taking into account your wishes and needs. And the finished order is carried out clearly and as soon as possible.