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Bars for Stunt Scooters

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Stunt scooter handlebars mean much more than simple balance. It is this detail that is the main element of many tricks, which allows you to successfully perform jumps, twists, etc. When choosing a steering wheel for your scooter, you need to clearly know its required parameters:

  1. Form. Now there are 3 variations on the sports market: T-shaped, Y-shaped and Bat-Wing. The former compare favorably with their simplicity and low cost. Their disadvantage is the possibility of deformation in the region of the weld. The latter are characterized by the presence of additional stiffeners, which distribute the load on all parts of the steering wheel more evenly. Well, the third type is the most durable and advanced specimens. Thanks to the presence of a cross-bar, as well as pipes bent in a special way. These are the heaviest instances;
  2. Overall dimensions. They are selected in accordance with the physical data of the owner of the scooter. And here you should not take the spare part “for growth”. The most convenient is the steering wheel, the bearing part of which is located just below or at the level of the rider's waist;
  3. Construction material. Reliability, durability, weight of the spare part depend on this indicator. Modern drive enthusiasts are offered aluminum products or models made of chrome-molybdenum steel.

Beginners tend to choose the most overall steering wheel, but this decision is not always the right one. Therefore, do not rush.

Where and how to buy handlebars for stunt scooters

It is not difficult for experienced riders to buy handlebars for stunt scooters. After all, they know exactly what they want to see on their scooter, which brand is better to give preference to, etc. But for those who take the first steps, it is sometimes difficult to understand the abundance of the corresponding product that is offered on the market. Indeed, with the help of the steering wheel, you can not only significantly change the appearance of your scooter, but also several times facilitate and speed up the process of acquiring new skills for yourself. To avoid mistakes, you can use the services of the Scooter Shop website.

Steering wheels for stunt scooters price

In the ScooterShop online store, you can pick up handlebars for stunt scooters, the price, colors and shape of which will fully meet your requirements. At your service is a fast and clear service, a convenient search engine, the ability to consult in a format convenient for the client.