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Stunt scooter - drive, speed and style

To choose a stunt scooter that is right for you, you should familiarize yourself not only with its varieties, but also with structural features, advantages, etc. After all, this is what distinguishes it from the usual children's toy, which can be seen on every playground. These products can be safely attributed to a completely separate group. After all, they are designed not only to move along the road surface, pushing off with one foot. Such models are able to develop significantly higher speeds and withstand heavy loads. They are characterized by the following structural features:

  1. Do not have any folding mechanisms;

  2. Small, wear-resistant, lightweight wheels (in most cases);

  3. High-strength materials for the body;

  4. Durable grips;

  5. Quality industrial bearings, not bulk bearings.

  6. The wheels are metal, not plastic, although some beginner scooters have plastic wheels.

Also, such models are characterized by the presence of reinforcing elements in the frame, steering wheel. All of the above is necessary for the successful implementation of feints, jumps, sliding and other tricks of varying complexity. According to experienced athletes, in order to buy a stunt scooter for a beginner, you must follow a few simple rules:

  1. It is best to give preference to products of the middle price class that will withstand the failures and mistakes of a novice rider;

  2. You shouldn't purchase it in detail at first. A ready-made scooter will be a more reasonable and economical solution. In the future, you can improve it by purchasing other components;

  3. The lightest models require careful and skillful handling. Therefore, they are not suitable for those who are at the learning stage and have not decided on their driving style.

In any case, it is best to take the first steps or hone your skills in this area on a high-quality and reliable vehicle. This will allow you to get faster training results, as well as provide a higher level of safety for yourself and others.

To buy a scooter for jumping — it is desirable to know the features

Do not think that a jumping scooter can be replaced by models designed for ordinary riding, because they must have:

  • solid construction;

  • lowest total weight of the product;

  • A deck that can withstand weights up to 100 kg and more.

Also, the consumer should be able to replace any part, because in the event of a fall or active use, any part may deform over time. If you want to buy a jumping scooter for a child or for personal use with the intention of excelling in this sport, then the ScooterShop website is at your service.

Scooter Shop will help you buy a stunt scooter quickly and profitably

It will not be difficult to buy a stunt scooter, but it is sometimes quite difficult to find competent and qualified consultants. On the ScooterShop website, everyone can:

  • get answers to your questions by contacting us via online correspondence or by ordering a call back;

  • purchase not only a high-quality scooter from reliable manufacturers, but also the required spare parts for it;

  • Use a convenient search engine that will save you time and nerves.

Stunt transport is an opportunity to get new emotions and acquire long-desired skills. Do not put off until later the fulfillment of your dreams. Live today. And Scooter Shop managers will take care of fast and accurate fulfillment of your order.